Powerful Handy Vacuum Cleaner with blower 1000 w

  • NVC 761H Plus

Everyone likes a neat and tidy place. But how many of you would actually take the effort on your day off to do it? No more cribbing! Get this vacuum cleaner from Nova for your home and get a sparkling place effortlessly. Those who wish to get the best results without really putting an effort, this vacuum cleaner is best suited for them. Compact and sleek in design, this appliance is extremely lightweight and portable, thus enhancing efficiency. With multiple attachments like blower adapter, flexible hose, multi-purpose brush and shoulder strap, this hand-held vacuum cleaner ensures that every nook and corner of your home shines. Whether it is the upholstery or hard floors and carpet, or crevices, table tops and window grills, this appliance can clean it all. Designed with features like telescopic tube, clog indicator, large dust bag and powerful suction, this ergonomically-designed vacuum cleaner is worth the investment.

Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity 0.9 L Dust Capacity
Functions With Blower Function
Power 1000 Watts High Power